September 22. 2016 | By Dustin Ragucos
Photo by Brian Vu

Photo by Brian Vu

If an out of body experience is what you need, Eau Claire’s Yohuna is there to put it into sound. Singer Johanne Swanson takes you through a dream that seems too beautiful to be true, with petals flying all over the listener as the rest of the world stays still. “Apart” takes the blissful vocals of shoegaze and subtracts the noise, leaving emotionally-charged strings to take audiences aback. Nothing makes you fear the experience of floating, especially with a flow that’s like a graceful river (“Golden Foil”) or a peaceful tone that can make the stars alight (“The Moon Hangs in the Sky like Nothing Hangs in the Sky”). Patientness, Yohuna’s debut record, is an apt title for an act whose sounds can meditate forever.

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