HEAR THIS: Wolkoff

August 23. 2016 | By Dustin Ragucos


If there’s an act who’ve found a glitch in reality, it must be Toronto’s Wolkoff. The electronic band gives the sensation that they’ve found a tear in the world, a spacial dimension where the scenery is filled with colorful prisms. While there’s something danceable in their beats, there’s also the element of relaxation that permeates (“Feels Like,” “Be Free”). Simultaneously, this supposed trip within such a dysfunctional space might have gave them the time to rethink life and the notion of carrying on (“The Homecoming,” “While You Still Can”). If you like artists with sparkly and sometimes, strange beats, then their debut record Without Shame might be your cup of tea. Wolkoff is perfect for those who want to jump into life`s glitches.

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