HEAR THIS: Wildcat! Wildcat!

September 13. 2012 | By Trina N. Green

For a trio that we really don’t know much about, Jesse Taylor, Michael Wilson, and Jesse Carmichael of Wildcat! Wildcat! give up the goods when it comes to what really matters: the music. If the hips are inclined to grind, “Mr Quiche” is as good a motivation as any with its layers of synth and sinfully pristine falsetto vocals, directly contrasting the sensual carnality it seems to encourage. Or maybe we’re just imagining that. Either way, “Mr. Quiche” is a gem of tasteful restraint reminiscent of when R&B didn’t suck ass, and the fact that it comes from a little “indie electro-pop” band from Los Angeles fast becoming a hipster’s wet dream is a subject for another day.

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