March 07. 2016 | By Mayumi Okamoto
Photo by Milam Zrnic

Photo by Milam Zrnic

There’s something in all of us, whether we want to admit it or not, that likes to revert back to our teenage selves when our emotions ruled everything and life was filled with angst and pining after our latest crush. Brooklyn’s Wet¬†have put together a beautiful collection of feelings and songs in their debut album titled¬†Don’t You. Singer Kelly Zutrau’s voice is both vulnerable and strong chronicling the push-and-pull of love and life. It’s a quiet conversation between confidants in which we listen to Zutrau’s confessions tracked nicely to the minimalist beats provided by her multi-instrumlentalist bandmates Joe Valle and Marty Sulkow. Loneliness and heart break are the core themes throughout Wet’s debut effort, so be aware that this is not the album you want to put on when you’re trying to get your weekend going. But if you ever want to wrap yourself into a little cocoon of quiet loneliness, then this is definitely the band and album for you.

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