May 21. 2014 | By Samuel Hernandez


San Francisco based Waters have aptly named their first single, a gem that dropped onto the internet for music listeners with only the barest hint of other music. “Got to My Head” is the symptom of listening to the single. Whether it’s the chunky opening guitar riff or the way that the lyrics build to an infectious hook, Waters have mixed the indie spirit with the big coliseum bravado.

“Got to My Head” is an infectious cry for the obsessive way in which culture, music, people, and love trap our mind in a single focus. The song builds around as many instruments are needed (enough that after repeat listens there’s a new chord being discovered, or a new single jingle) and holds the selfish promise of a future together as listener and band, of a
promising complete album. “Got to My Head” should be a summer jam, it’s got the right attitude.

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