November 02. 2015 | By Dustin Ragucos


At the end of the day, each person on this earth is facing their own villain, whether physical or not. And sometimes one wins against their foe, letting them face the music. The music isn’t triumphant – it’s more so like the electronic tones of Vök, an Icelandic group with a knack for realizing that you’re not the only one fighting your own battles (“Waterfall”). Unlike the similar Fever Ray, Vök is less twitchy with their sounds, having synths that feel like lightbulbs dimming out with each streetlight passed (“Circles”). Where an artist like Chelsea Wolfe faces a paralytic abyss, this group delves into space, crossing unknowns along beautiful slow tempos and sunny brass (“Adrift”). Keep Vök on your radar while enjoying their EP Circles.

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