HEAR THIS: Tragic Blondes

February 06. 2014 | By Nori Bell-Bhuiyan

tragic blondes 1

California indie pop band, Tragic Blondes, take synth-pop into a darker place with their glossy but slightly menacing songs. First single “Where Did We Go Wrong” is a dark and sinister electronic club anthem with the decadent hint of film noir, a touch of 80’s new wave pop and a bit of a Depeche Mode feel to it. That basically sums up the Tragic Blondes sound…plus very catchy and very, very danceable.

“Suffer in Stereo” is both chilling and seductive and “We Need A Miracle” is topped off with a raw electronic static undercutting singer Anthony Arcos’ hypnotic vocals. Arcos & Simon Daze are in the process of finishing off a six-track EP that’s been upcoming for a while. When it finally arrives, it could kick-start one very atmospheric night out.

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