Hear This: thestand4rd

April 08. 2015 | By Tim Faklis


In the surprisingly relevant Twin Cities hip-hop scene, most has been dominated by natives of Minneapolis. Whether considering Atmosphere, Brother Ali, or P.O.S., a strong majority of the Rhymesayers collective are known for settling down in the one particular location. thestand4rd is based out of St. Paul, is not a part of Rhymesayers, and don’t sound like it.

To be fair, calling thestand4rd a straight hip-hop group wouldn’t be doing its sound complete justice. Allan Kingdom (currently most notable for the most recently released Kanye West track, “All Day”), the group’s rapper, works side by side with partners Bobby Raps, Spooky Black, and Psymun. Their collaboration brings St. Paul its premiere hip-hop/R&B/lo-fi/electronic/shoegaze group. You could even say it leads Minnesota, all things considered.

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