HEAR THIS: The Prettiots

January 12. 2016 | By Dustin Ragucos

“On a scale of one to Plath, I’m like a four” is one of those perfect lyrics that sardonic writers want to grasp before anyone else (“Suicide Hotline”). Thankfully, Brooklyn’s The Prettiots have nabbed that line, hooking onto the collective consciousness that is modern young adult life. The band’s charm rests in their desire to want to love the world–and love-love Law and Order’s Elliot Stabler (“Stabler”)–while also noting how much life is a whirlwind of would-be exes and suicidal ideation (“Boys [I Dated In High School]”). Their sound is light, with strings and drums not meaning to penetrate, but sting. Their debut LP Funs Cool comes out February 5, most likely with more chuckle-worthy material to make you double-take.

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