HEAR THIS: The Peach Kings

November 23. 2012 | By Hillary Smith

The Peach Kings are Paige McClain Wood and Steven Trezevant Dies. Their sound is lazy, it’s alluring. Paige McClain Wood croons over lazy riffs and soft beats. Their dreamy sound carries well and can make you feel, well…like a badass. “Shoe-string tie with her hair down to here, a rolled cigarette behind each ear, seduction sirens get the money and run,” sings Wood in song “Thieves & Kings” and suddenly, you’re one to be reckoned with. Bordering on blues, their sound is likely to make you sway and rock quite a bit. Though their signature seems online casino to be soulful, soft, and slow-natured, their sound is hardly one-dimensional. You can’t get much different from solid bass in “Thieves & Kings” to the soft, seductive bass in “Lonely.” There”s one enduring characteristic of The Peach Kings, however. Wood’s vocals pursue you — they creep around you and wrap around your head like a fog of cigarette smoke. Welcome this smoke, we did.

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