HEAR THIS: The Artifacts

July 17. 2012 | By Jon Allmond

For decades New York has been a mecca of sorts as far as music is considered, and if you can stand out in a place such as The Big Apple, apart from the thousands of aspiring musicians, then you certainly have something special. With that being said, The Artifacts certainly hold their own in the ever-growing popular genre of indie pop…and they do it with style.

The three-piece shares vocals between their drummer and keyboardist, giving the listeners a great balance of melodies, while their guitarist offers plenty of catchy, power pop style riffs to make things danceable. The Artifacts also have a soft, delicate sound driven by subtle piano playing which definitely shows that there’s more to the band then what may first be heard. We highly recommend picking up the group’s self-titled debut on BandCamp where it’s available for whatever price you choose.

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