HEAR THIS: Talkdemonic

February 01. 2012 | By Sean Morris

Talkdemonic has no qualms about lulling listeners to sleep just to crash cymbals over their ears and drag them to a venue that welcomes headbangers and glowstick-wavers alike. Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro’s electronic symphonic rock puree is a valiant attempt to define present day music, as opposed to those who pick a year from the Reagan administration and press “imitate.” Viola and cello sing lead vocals one minute and shred through solos in the next. Percussion (both live and programmed) effortlessly genre hops from grunge to jungle and anywhere else it pleases. “City Sleep,” the inventive centerpiece of 2011’s Ruins, should sound impressive throughout their upcoming live onslaught, from LA the city (Feb. 3) and LA the state (Feb. 11) to SF’s Noise Pop Festival (Feb. 22).

Check out “Revival” by Talkdemonic here:

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