HEAR THIS SINGLE PREMIERE: “Far Enough” by Young Unknowns

September 05. 2012 | By Jon Allmond

Here at The Owl Mag, we constantly come across new bands that fill our ears with the most pleasant and captivating sounds and it’s our duty (and pleasure) to pass it along to all of you readers. Brooklyn is a place that spawns an immense amount of talent, there’s no question about that, but once you hear the four piece known as Young Unknowns, you’ll understand just why they’ve been making such a huge buzz around our nest.

Whether it’s the incredibly mystifying and powerful vocals or the stunning ambient, ’90s-esque indie rock undertones provided by the band, everything about this group sounds refreshing and thoroughly appealing. The band is gearing up to drop their debut EP Are You A Young Unknown, but in the meantime, we recommend grabbing a copy of their first single “Target Practice” through Bandcamp and taking a listen to their latest track “Far Enough” while you wait in anticipation for the release.

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