HEAR THIS: Save the Clocktower

January 25. 2012 | By Hillary Smith

Greg Newton, Sean Paras, and Jimmy Shenk from Chicago have given me a couple of reasons to listen to their mellow, somewhat pop-based ethereal mixes. Their sound is pleasant, but not distracting. It’s definitely music you can listen to while doing work, chores, or anything that needs to get done. It’s relaxing and dreamy. Which brings me to my next point, it would be good to fall asleep to. That sounds negative doesn’t it? It’s really not at all. The vocals float in and out alongside soft beats and keyboards. All of this wrapped me into a musical cocoon. Something about their sound made me think… a lot. There really is no dominant component to the music, which gives your head a chance to fill in the blanks. It gave good atmosphere to my day. So turn on these tracks and listen to what’s in your head.

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