April 12. 2017 | By Dustin Ragucos

On “Plastic 100°C”, the mythical tragedy of Icarus comes to mind. Much like Icarus’ ambitions, Sampha’s style feels out of this world and divine. Each time the UK-based soul singer opens his mouth, a flock of doves might well pop up in-between each smooth, heavenly note. The artist’s tracks have a gospel flavor to them that is gracefully translated into a more R&B realm (“Blood on Me”, “Reverse Faults”). All of this vocal energy is accentuated with an electronic backing that allows songs to dance like marionettes (“Kora Sings”). Sampha is a fresh take on R&B for those that might not have given the genre a chance, helping you getting in touch with all of your feelings.

Sampha is currently on tour with the xx. Process is out now on Young Turks.

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