HEAR THIS: Salvador

April 18. 2012 | By Sarah Braverman

Omar Khan, the mastermind behind Salvador, plays that easy groove that makes sun-kissed faces smile. Dedicated in loving memory to two relatives, the 2011 release Rite of Passage presents more than just a boy and his guitar.

The opening track, “Moccasin Days,” has a bit of an Orba Squara sound featuring a bell kit, simple melody, and no lyrics. But don’t be fooled; in the following song, “Herbert Street,” Salvador’s honest lyrics sing like sweet poetry. If you’re in the mood for some California dreaming and cloud watching, this Berkeley native makes a great companion. Salvador is inspired by Sufjan Stevens, and we think the resulting sound is a mixture of a little quirk and a lot of heart.

Stream Rite of Passage here:

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