November 11. 2011 | By Patryk Mrozek

As one of the two core members of Pinback, an outstanding pop-experimentalist outfit and deservedly big name on San Diego’s indie scene for nearly fourteen years, Rob Crow never fails to keep himself busy. Besides Pinback, over the years he has reportedly been involved in fourteen different groups (!), including the tongue-in-cheek metal project Goblin Cock. AND he’s also been consistently putting out records under his own name. The latest, He Thinks He’s People, dropped stateside on October 18, is a collection of simple, infectious indie-pop songs, remindful of Pinback‘s wonderful 2003 EP, Offcell. The tunes are stripped down but powerful, providing an incessant stream of catchy guitar twang and buoyant synth arpeggios. Crow’s soft voice sounds as comforting as ever and brings in a direct human aspect to the often mathy instrumental layers. Listen to “Sophistructure” to decide for yourself, but I think everyone, even non-Pinback fans, can enjoy Rob Crow.

Download: “Sophistructure”

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