HEAR THIS: Petite Noir

December 07. 2012 | By Jennifer Shields

So, as we’re getting ready to sample this music we can’t help

but notice that this is yet another artist to add to the ranks of those that reference size in their name. Notorious B.I.G., Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, The Big Pink, please welcome Petite Noir!

As these unique sounds begin, these petty, superficial musings quickly vanish as we’re whisked away by the buffet of sounds that make up the aberrant jams of this exceptional artist. Hailing from South Africa, you’re likely to catch Petite Noir speaking French in some of his tracks along with some bouncy guitar and rooted, almost dub-steppy bass sounds. Is it post punk? Electro pop? Tribal? We dare you to corner Petite Noir into a genre and commit to it for more than a few seconds.

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