August 22. 2017 | By Wayne Jessup

As the glow of summer wears off, September seems like the perfect time for the debut full-length release of Ötzi‘s Ghosts. The Oakland trio follows up their Gong Show EP with doomy post-punk that ranges from the driving onslaught of “Charms” to the more foreboding “Winter,” (that soon breaks into a gallop of its own). Seemingly on a mission to find out just how many shades of black there really are, Ötzi spins an atmospheric web with a surging sonic undertow.

Photos: Bailey M. Kobelin

For the live Ötzi experience, catch them on the bill of Pandemonium 2017 on September 9th, in what will serve as a warm-up show for their European adventures. Upon their return, their next big project will be helping to shape The West Coast Women’s Darkwave Festival, coming November 2-5, at various Oakland venues, including The Hanging Garden, The Uptown Nightclub, Eli’s Mile High Club, and The Golden Bull. More details available here.

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