January 31. 2012 | By Mike Sabino

I came across Los Angeles band NO, the old fashioned way. My friend, Cory, knew a guy, who knew them and thought their vibes flowed along my currents. Discovering music the old fashioned and personal way is a fitting introduction to a band making waves in the older suburb of Echo Park, and whose music rides good old traditional rock standards. Songs like “Another Life” coast along pulsing atmospheric rhythm guitar before marshall drums kick up sending the song souring into anthemic splendor. Songs like “Stay With Me,” and “There's a Glow” have U2 exploding all over them, complete with swelling onomonopia. But where Bono would bellow to the rafters, Bradley Hanan Carter’s baritone is closer to The National’s Matt Berringer, not just in tone but mannered delivery. A great marriage of sound, also comparable to The Editors.

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