HEAR THIS: Mode Moderne

March 19. 2014 | By Nori Bell-Bhuiyan

mode moderne 2

Mode Moderne’s music flows rich with the influences of 80’s post-punk and new wave – bleak lyrics and heavy sound a la Joy Division and The Cure – but unlike many ‘post-punk revival’ bands, they pull it off without falling into the bottomless pit of dull nbso and unoriginal copycat-ing.

The band’s latest album – their sophomore Occult Delight starts of (much to my delight) with the fade-in opening of “Strangle the Shadows”. It’s been far to long since I heard an album fade-in and it’s carried off perfectly with the hazy, shoegaze-y tune, jangly guitar, and distant brooding vocals. It’s atmospheric mastery – the same could be said of moody title track “Occult Delight”, led by Phillip Intile’s angst-y vocals on a bed of ever-so-slightly discordant guitar and pulsing but quiet drums.

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