HEAR THIS: Lifeguard Nights

June 04. 2014 | By Jon Patton

Photo by Virginia Kamenitzer

Although New Jersey’s Lifeguard Nights seem more likely to pull out a set of straight electric rockers live, their EP, Bruetown, is a much more varied—and laid back—collection of songs ranging from strummed folk-rockers like “The Break,” to (not exactly eighties or oughties-style) synth-driven rock, to pure folk complete with an accordion and an celtic-meets-country melody. Lead singer Vincent Brue‘s voice is a strong bass, part Brad Roberts and part Eddie Vedder, and he’s at his most compelling when taking advantage of his rich lower register on “Babyshine.” The mix makes heavy use of hard panning, so this is a record best enjoyed on headphones or planted directly between your favorite set of hi-fi speakers.

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