HEAR THIS: Keepaway

July 03. 2012 | By Bryan Wallace

Okay, we get it. Brooklyn-based troupe Keepaway hears it all the time. They’re told they sound like Animal Collective from Pitchfork and other “scholars” of music. The truth is that Keepaway is what Animal Collective would sound like if they oiled the joints in their tin man sound.

This trio provides pop-permeated music with a dab of tribal world beat influence. To express the blissful and hedonistic sound of these Brooklynites, one can look to their relationship with hip-hop collective Das Racist. Keepaway’s January released album, Black Flute was released on Das Racist’s label Greedhead.

Set aside time to dig Keepaway’s single “Cake” off their new album Black Flute. In addition, follow their comical twitter feed @keepaway4real for a chortle and a half.

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