HEAR THIS: Jigsaw Youth

August 04. 2017 | By Collin Welbon

Throwing the word ‘feminist’ around these days as a descriptor seems somewhat ineffectual, but when Jigsaw Youth describes themselves as an all-girl, feminist, punk/grunge band, they have the lyrics, riffs, and voices to cause an effect. The punk rock trio from NYC grabs a hold of fans with an unforgettable, opening track that lets the boys know they’re not Dave Grohl and never will be.

Breaking into the music scene these days is tough, but the riot grrrls of Jigsaw Youth are creating a buzz that cuts perfectly into the punk scene. Their first, full-length album America’s Sweethearts is a ride you’ll want to stay on, and don’t be afraid to put your hands in the air or outside the vehicle. Check out their first, full-length album on Bandcamp: America’s Sweethearts.

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