October 26. 2015 | By Dustin Ragucos

IYVES - General 1

When IYVES sings, it’s like she’s the harbinger of a new world, one where even she doesn’t know the contents of its civilization. The mysteriousness trapped in Lorde‘s vocals have been released and turned anew in this Brooklyn-based singer’s style (“Wilinout”). Combining an electronic-soul focus with a misty voice that feels like it’s behind a waterfall, IYVES hits strong notes while reflecting upon the vastness of her surroundings (“Hideaway”). When a church choir grasps her sound in “Out of Touch,” listeners will wish that they were by the pews that feel the air of her breath. She’s quiet and loud; honey and bittersweet; and she’s the past searching for the future. IYVES should be heard.

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