HEAR THIS: Galapagoose

April 12. 2012 | By Rebecca McCann

At just over 2 minutes, “One Who Can’t Move” by Galapagoose is short but sweet. With its clipped retro Sinatra sample that sounds like it was lifted out of an old film, it is ambient electro at its best. It’s a synthesized soother with tinkering piano and a pulsing electro beat.

Its atmospheric sound is lush, especially in the middle eight section when all the instrumentation falls away to leave only vocals, and angelic “oohs” and “ahs,” before the bass kicks back in to close. This track is the finest example of Galapagoose’s dreamy, down-tempo soundscape, as showcased on their recently released¬†Commitments LP.

One Who Can’t Move – Galapagoose¬†(download)

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