HEAR THIS: Evaline

August 31. 2011 | By Jennifer Shields

Evaline is anthem rock, wait… no, new wave rock, no, that’s not right, kind of pop rock, maybe? What I’m getting at here is that there will be no corralling of this band into one genre of music. Clearly there are several different influences among the six members which makes for a bit of a genre stew in their debut full length album release Woven Material. Very similar to the Neon Trees in style (lead vocalist Richard Perry has a very distinct Tyler Glenn virtue), Evaline keeps the guitar hooks, melodies, and bass beats appealing, keeping the listener fastened to the songs to see where they go next. Catchy and upbeat, the album is over before I know it and I’m heading back to the play button for more.

EVALINE ‘Hours’ by Evaline

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