HEAR THIS: Emma Ruth Rundle

January 19. 2017 | By Dustin Ragucos
Photo by Kristin Cofer

Photo by Kristin Cofer

The sky might fall one day, and once all the mourning for the old world subsides, humanity will need a musical guide through the dark. Emma Ruth Rundle would be a great candidate. Her brand of experimental folk bears the scent of Chelsea Wolfe and a calmed A Perfect Circle. Rundle’s voice is akin to a cold gust of wind that manages to pierce a hurricane (“Hand of God,” “Medusa”). Whenever she leaves a trace of hopelessness in her tone (“Real Big Sky”), there is still a glimmer of hope, whether through her lyrics or her strings (“Furious Angel”). This LA-based artist is truly worth catching at Noise Pop Festival 2017. Bring an umbrella in case she brings the rain.

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