June 01. 2011 | By Jessica Rae Cortez

What’s the best thing about non-mainstream music? The fact that you can declassify. Sometimes it’s easier to label a band as GOOD or pure CRAP. Luckily, Los Angeles duo DWNTWN is GOOD. Robert Cepeda (multi-instrumentalist/vocalist) and Jamie Lefler (lead vocalist) mesh an electronic pop-beat to breathy vocals on their latest MP3, “Transition.” Lefler’s voice is part Jem, part Sia, and she brings life to an otherwise typical synthpop band.

Earlier this year DJ Skeet Skeet was introduced to their folk demos, mostly influenced by Johnny (Cash, not Rotten), and turned them inside out, and back again. DWNTWN’s album Midnight Ride arrives this summer and will feature new songs, covers, and quintessential road trip anthems. Take notice, or be gone.

Download or stream “Transition” MP3 HERE.

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