HEAR THIS: Crown Larks

May 31. 2016 | By Dustin Ragucos

Crown Larks

Crown Larks lurk the lands of the avant-garde with their sandy atmosphere. The Chicago band catches listeners off guard when they loudly call from the distance, interrupting their Radiohead-esque vocals (“Blood Mirage”). Their drums and brass work unhinges in their jazzy, improv-like manner (“Chapels”). Discomfort in the desert soundscapes is the goal. The smothering sands and their unexpected nature are what give their album Blood Dancer its life. Even “Defector,” with its electronic keys and sounds of lush nature, gives off the heat of a parched land. Yet it is this sensation that keeps audiences so entranced by thoughts of “What’s next?” If their obscure music video for “Chapel” says anything, it is that the journey through the strange is only beginning.

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