HEAR THIS: Conduits

April 25. 2012 | By Jon Allmond

There are two things in music that I have a soft spot in my heart for: bands fronted by amazing female vocalists and shoegaze. That statement has recently grown to hold even more truth after listening to Omaha six-piece Conduits. To group them under just a shoegaze label though wouldn’t do them absolute justice. The music this band makes is absolutely beautiful yet haunting and powerful and the same time. Consisting of members from other acts such as Cursive, The Golden Age¬†and more, they’ve certainly been around for a while and they certainly know how to craft something wonderful. It’s hard not to get lost and taken away amidst the hazy synth, fuzzy guitar, and lush vocals not to mention the bass and drums working together perfectly to add to the atmosphere. Conduits has made the soundtrack to my dreams.

Check out their track “Top of The Hill” from their self-titled album below:
Top of the Hill by Conduits

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