March 20. 2017 | By Wayne Jessup

Photo by Angel Zayas

Here at the Nest we tend to move forward and not dwell on reunions, but when the subject is Boss Hog, we’re all ears. Cristina Martinez has reconvened the gang for Brood X, not only a new LP but their first in 17 years, out March 24th on Bronze Rat Records. For those new to the game, consider the NYC art-punk mutants as the missing link between Patti Smith and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

“Billy” kicks it off as a statement of purpose, and “Signal” is a pure blast of icy no-wave proto funk. “Rodeo Chica” finds Jon Spencer popping up to help vocally, and leaves us with the timeless advice: “If you’re on the clock, you better rock.” “Sunday Routine” and “17” hit closer to home, and carry the record out in style.

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