HEAR THIS: Big Eater

November 23. 2015 | By Dustin Ragucos
Photos by Erin Birgy and Jake Muilenburg

Photos by Erin Birgy and Jake Muilenburg

The sleepy voice that drives New York’s Big Eater isn’t the kind associated with cranky people woken by alarms at four in the morning. The band is more so relatable to the chilled out presence of Yo La Tengo. That said, Big Eater is a machine that’s about to cry, and with some musty guitars and falsettos, they’ll make tearing up vicarious (“Growing Up”). “She Belongs to No One” plays for an audience of one before immersing itself in haunting soundscapes. The band feels hungover in “Long Summer Nights,” but the effort that these happy, drunk-in-love band mates put in is worth it when listeners hear a sax burst from the cracks from the curtains. Their record In Between is the anti-sleeping pill to keep you relaxed.

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