February 10. 2012 | By Asha Omelian

In a time when people claim they love EDM and then list only Skrillex as their favorite artist, it is refreshing to find some less known but more talented DJs. From Australia is Beni, a house producer, who has satisfied my desire for quality electronic music. His latest album House of Beni has an old-school rave feel; the carefully measured beats are catchy and the guest vocals warrant applause. “Someone Just Like You” and “O.P.U.L.E.N.C.E” speak for the album with ’90s synth sounds and a flowing mix of electronic, techno, and house. It’s not just high-energy electro-house; “Zig Zags” deviates into the trance realm with melodic vocals and a delicate piano tune. Be sure to check him out next time he spins nearby.

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