HEAR THIS: Beat Radio

April 30. 2012 | By Asha Omelian

Admit it, we’re all looking for songs that we can relate to and identify with. We thirst for songs with meaning and a catchy tune. Luckily, Beat Radio provides listeners with all of the above. This New York group, the project of Brian Sendrowitz, is a classic indie experience, choosing not to fall into the trap of mass marketed music. A strong point for Beat Radio is that the vocals and instruments are in perfect balance; neither overpowers the other. Alternative rock meets soft vocals and piano melodies to produce songs with unique names, such as “Stars Collided In Our Hearts” and “He Brought a Gun To a Knife Fight.” Beat Radio‘s songs are the perfect soundtrack for this summer; their tunes are completely meant to be played at summer music festivals.

Check out Beat Radio‘s hard times go, part 1:

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