HEAR THIS: Battleships

August 27. 2012 | By Rebecca McCann

Sydney’s Battleships are an exciting discovery in an independent music market prone to fall for style over substance. Their anthemic indie-rock is euphoric and ambitious with solid chord progressions and tight melodies that loop inside your ears, bouncing on drum kits and glass ceilings to stunning effect.

In the vein of other new-indie-kids-on-the-block, Art of Sleeping, Battleships are producing indie rock with old-fashioned instruments, old-fashioned hooks, and a youthful energy that keeps this neat package fresh and distinctly modern.

Hear “Your Words” and turn up the volume for a taste of Battleships chills-inducing indie rock that is sure to wake you up first thing in the morning or pick you up mid-afternoon. Also hear first single “In Retrospect.”

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