HEAR THIS: Ghost Beach

February 14. 2013 | By Alyssa Pereira


Hot off late fall’s Modern Tongues (released on their own Crazy Heart Records), NYC’s Ghost Beach continues their epic soundstorm onwards for a carousing West Coast winter party tour.

Channeling the ’80s synth rock nuances from groups like Depeche Mode and The Police, as well as the hooky affections of mainstream electric-charged pop mainstays, Ghost Beach sprees on into an adrenaline-driven, audiogrit frenzy.

While vocalist Josh Ocean wails over pumping basslines, guitarist “Doc” Mendelsohn wraps the melody in grandiose synth marching and electric string solos. These are not songs for the meek—take it from their remix of Vacationer’s “Good As New” — but their dance-ready rumbles are certain to rouse those weary of sleepy indie ballads.

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