HEAR THIS: Garrett Pierce

February 08. 2012 | By Carlos Cisneros

Garrett Pierce‘s Everybody Breaks EP opens with soft and steady fingerpicking accompanied by his whisper-y, gentle voice. About a minute or so in, the drums kick in as he repeatedly sings “Oh, everybody breaks/without really knowing quite why.” It’s a simple and wonderful way to introduce the rest of the EP. Although Pierce at his core is a singer/songwriter, by no means is he alone on this EP. On “Shape Us Like Waves” the cello works extremely well with Pierce’s somber lyrics. The cello solo is most welcome, as well as the male/female vocal harmonies that carry the song to completion. “A Bus In Africa” throws some electric guitar with light reverb into the mix but what really shines on this track is the contrast between Pierce’s delicate delivery and the lyrical content regarding the tension and violence that is present in Africa. The EP ends with “In Silence,” a track in which he reflects on the life of his younger sister. Pierce does an outstanding job on Everybody Breaks of balancing the personal with grand reflections regarding the human experience. Look out for his full length album to be released soon!

Check out the video for “Everybody Breaks”:

Garrett Pierce “Everybody Breaks” (Music Video) from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.

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