June 17. 2011 | By Catriona Noble

Look out Los Angeles, here come the Aussies again to grace your west coast shores. We are headed to your turf with yet another fine national treasure of ours, Strange Talk, which is in the same family as Empire of the Sun, but have the feel of Yeasayer and Phoenix.

We are just adoring the path this generation of musicians is taking, fusing all their talents together from all different backgrounds and this band is no exception. Vocalist, Stephen Docker’s background is as a violinist for the Australian Youth Orchestra and bassist, Gerard Sidhu, is the house and electro mix guru having played the Melbourne DJ circuit for years. After months of songwriting together they have produced their first self-titled EP. This four piece are polished and fresh with all the shimmering synths, cascading bass surges and expert delay pedal use required for a rocking dance floor.

Strange Talk will be playing at The Satellite in LA, tomorrow night, June 18th and we have a pair of tickets to give away! Just jot down what Aussie band you love most in the comments below and they could be yours!

Download Strange Talk “Eskimo Boy” (Lightwaves Remix) MP3 HERE!

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