May 25. 2012 | By Rebecca McCann

Photo by Radge & Jeremy Wolf
Sydney’s Catherine Kelleher is Catcall, and her new single “Paralysed” is disco pop in the vein of Lady Gaga…in a good way. Comparisons may also be drawn with Ladyhawke, and this is never more true than on Triple J favorite “Satellites.”

With a simple but effective walking bassline as backbone, “Paralysed” is defined by synths and Kelleher’s direct vocal stylings. By no means is she the strongest of singers, but she doesn’t fall back on auto-tune overkill to cover this fact up – her music is straight up and down power-pop, no apologies and no tricks.

This makes Catcall a refreshing diversion from the often overwrought pop constructions we hear elsewhere.

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