October 06. 2011 | By Catriona Noble

Aussie band Boy and Bear are guaranteed to be the next biggest export Australia has up its sleeve. Boy and Bear just released their first album Moonfire. If I could sum up this album in three words they would be intelligent, wise, and beautiful. Each opening note and verse exposes their very real emotions and rare delivery of a tender, unconditional heart that loves to whistle its pain. Pour yourself a drink, sit down, and listen to the many stories and adventures of the elders of our universal tribe campfire… I mean Moonfire.

Moonfire is one of those albums that could stand the test of time because it’s so relatable. Boy and Bear cut on painful issues we all deal with, with songs like “Milk & Sticks,” “My Only One,” “The Village,” and my personal special highlight of the album, the beloved “Beach.” These boys remind us all that with a toe dipped into the ocean and a whistle delivered by frontman Dave Hosking’s sweet, smooth, precious vocals and Simon and Garfunkel-style harmonies, they are keeping it real. This whole album is a cross between Spaghetti Westerns like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, surf music, and Neil Young before heroin. “Part Time Believer” is a perfect example of Boy and Bear getting their Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young on.

Just when you’ve been pleasantly satisfied, they bust out their live set from SXSW, a four song treat to seal the deal. “The Rabbit Song” is a total experience, with dark lyrics that almost trick you into forgetting the negative effects of such, then delicately, brilliantly deliver the truth through gorgeous soulful singing married with banjos, guitar, and a big range of instruments.

Touring America in October, giddy up on Boy and Bear. Their album is available on iTunes and tour dates can be found HERE

Check out the video for “Feeding Line”:

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