HEAR THIS: Delta Will

January 15. 2014 | By Amanda Sorvig


Canadian band Delta Will plays like a spacey, desert road trip, full of emotion and contemplation. They blend blues, folk, and rock into one cohesive interstellar sound. Delta Will is reminiscent of bands like Local Natives or Tanlines. There are solid guitar chords, bright harmonies, and echoes of whistling in the background. Even better? The band just recently released a 4-song EP titled It All Glows.

The title track is full of lush harmonies and twangy guitar – the perfect opening to a road trip. The rest of the EP follows suit with each song just as strong as the first. The only downfall is that the EP is only 4 songs. It’s a solid example of the talent and creativity that Delta Will possesses and we certainly look forward to future releases from this group!

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