HEAR THIS: Culture Kid

January 07. 2013 | By Asha Omelian

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A mellow and nostalgic sound characterizes Culture Kid, a mellow pop-rock act comprised of two brothers currently based in Denver. Culture Kid has released “Butoh in Black,” the first single from their new album due out in 2013. This new album along with Culture Kid’s previous songs, such as standout song “Diamond Girl,” definitely has the potential to bring these brothers recognition and a chance in the spotlight. Their sound remains constant throughout their songs, giving Culture Kid a definitive sound.

We believe that Culture Kid is the type of music that you could play on repeat during a drive or during a chill night without getting bored of it. The dreamy sound will get you lost in the music; Culture Kid is an act that has a chance of performing at music festivals like Coachella in the near future.

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