YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Call To Be” by Dana Buoy

June 19. 2012 | By Mike Sabino

Apparently hipsters aren’t only relegated to yoga mats and bikes. The pounding beats, pulsing synths, and fuzz of a suburban jog from “Call To Be” by Dana Buoy will lull you into a relaxed and spirited haze. It’s an innocent jaunt through the neighborhood, checking out another jogger. How harmful could a beard, ugly too-short shorts, leggings, pale legs, and purposeful lack of matching be? Director Sam Molleur eases his audience into a playful, flirtatious jog to match the upbeat song. Yet with each change of unsightly shorts signifying another day, we eventually realize just how easily we fall into, and how much we enjoy creeping. Stalking — it’s just a few steps away from flirtatious following. You can do it. Almost crossing the line. Baby steps, baby!

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