HEAR THIS: Brandt Brauer Frick

May 03. 2013 | By Andy Price


Brandt Brauer Frick is a Berlin-based ensemble that chooses to produce, as they say, techno without the technology. Now, we’ve seen these guys live and it’s a damn experience– they throw their drummer out the front, chuck a pair of headphones on his head and let him navigate seemingly whatever beat-laden landscape is currently in his head. It’s all backed by a series of other characters, occasional vocal refrains, and sticking firmly to minimalist sounds – made using classical instruments, rather than synths and computers.

They’ve a new record out, which is called Miami – we would tentatively call it a masterpiece – but it’s in front of an

audience where they really come alive. The drums more pounding, the energy sweat-inducing and frenetic. We’d err away from the techno label, but then if they did that they wouldn’t be able to use that aforementioned and delightful tagline – but if you like your lo-fidelity minimalism, you won’t be disappointed.

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