HEAR THIS: Blessed Feathers

February 27. 2013 | By Collin Welbon

blessed feathers2

Winter may bring blinding blizzards and below zero temperatures to the Midwest, but Blessed Feathers can’t be caged by the elements. Instead, they embrace their immediate surroundings and continue to create their history through music.

Donivan Berube, originally hailing from Florida, and Jacquelyn Beaupre met while working at a restaurant in a small, Southeast Wisconsin town. What started as Berube just wanting to produce Beaupre’s folk-inspired songs developed into a lifelong love and partnership where their emotional and physical journeys are as instrumental to their music as their flute, banjo, and vibraphone. When asked about who plays what instruments, they answer, “Beaupre plays everything and Berube plays everything else.” A match made in heaven, or at least West Bend, Wisconsin.

Find out more about Blessed Feathers and any upcoming tour dates on their website. Their debut EP, Peaceful Beasts In An Ocean Of Weeds, is available to stream and purchase on their Bandcamp page.

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