December 23. 2021 | By Wayne Jessup

It was a breakout year in the Bay Area musically, with an increasing momentum over the last few years coalescing into a deluge of notable releases. Almost an anti-scene, in a way, with the lessons of the last Garage rock wave not lost on them. The current crop of artists share some sonic elements, but seem more interested in just finding their own path. Add to the mix strong additions from veteran acts, and you have an undeniable bumper crop.

Honorable mention goes to estimable sides from Boy Scouts, Chime SchoolBrijeanYama UbaSilverwareAl HarperThe Acharis, and Hectorine, all worthy of your investigation, and for 2022, we’re already looking forward to new LP’s from: Kids On A Crime SpreeThe Reds Pinks & Purples, and Artsick. That said, here’s the ones that ruled the Nest in 2021:

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