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DiscoveryPREMIERE: DoublePlusGood – Take Me Dancing
July 11. 2016 | By Cervante Pope

PREMIERE: DoublePlusGood – Take Me Dancing

To be sonically aligned with the likes of Ariel Pink and Black Moth is a sign of creatively cosmopolitan talent.

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DiscoveryPREMIERE: Seance Crasher-“Nothing’s Gonna Change”
June 14. 2016 | By Cervante Pope

PREMIERE: Seance Crasher-“Nothing’s Gonna Change”

Seance Crasher places poetically narrated lyricism atop beatific piano pop in the most addicting way.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: L.A. Witch
June 02. 2016 | By Cervante Pope


Bask in L.A. Witch’s perfected darkness.

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Album Reviews“Pure Mood” by Ringo Deathstarr
November 20. 2015 | By Cervante Pope

“Pure Mood” by Ringo Deathstarr

Ringo Deathstarr is poised to take the front seat in the shoegaze spotlight with Pure Mood.

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Album Reviews“II” by Fuzz
October 23. 2015 | By Cervante Pope

“II” by Fuzz

Fuzz’s new album is like a rocked out acid trip.

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Album Reviews“Gone By the Dawn” by Shannon and the Clams
September 11. 2015 | By Cervante Pope

“Gone By the Dawn” by Shannon and the Clams

Classic, not corny, contrived or overdone.

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Album Reviews“Depression Cherry” by Beach House
August 28. 2015 | By Cervante Pope

“Depression Cherry” by Beach House

Beach House and Coldplay don’t mix, but depressions and cherries do.

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Album Reviews"Poison Season" by Destroyer
August 28. 2015 | By Cervante Pope

"Poison Season" by Destroyer

The theatrical Poison Season is both contrary and correspondent to Dan Bejar's discography as Destroyer.

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