ALBUM REVIEW: “Young Love” by Surf Club

February 15. 2012 | By Sharon Payne

Surf Club
Young Love

The four songs included are a fresh blend of classic surf rock and refreshing pop with sweet lyrics set in the dreamy stuff of summer love. It’s ironic that a good surf band would emerge from land-locked and uber rural, Stockton, CA, but Surf Club skillfully dives into cheery jangly guitar riffs, up-beat drums, and sweet laid-back lyrics. The foursome was formed by Frankie Soto, an ex-member of Craft Spells, and includes Eddie Zepeda, Alfonso Robles, and Jose Medina.

The title track, “Young Love,” has a strong power pop foundation with a shoe-gazer-esque, dreamy melody and an undeniable road trip soundtrack feel. “More Than a Friend,” “Its True,” and “Lonely Days” are beachy summer selections with sugary love letter-style words. “Try as hard as I can, I just want to be your man. There’s nothing I won’t do for you. And if you stay and I can make it better then you will see that we should be together.” Sigh… so dreamy!

Surf Club plays Du Nord in San Francisco on 2/23/12 and the EP released on Valentine’s Day, awe, how sweet.

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