ALBUM REVIEW: “You Are A Young Unknown” by Young Unknowns

October 02. 2012 | By Jamie Lynn

The Young Unknowns
You Are a Young Unknown

The Young Unknowns are an apt name for a band that is new, relatively unknown outside of Brooklyn, and releasing their first EP. However, we doubt they will stay that way for long.

This EP was produced by indie veteran Bill Racine (Mates of State, Rogue Wave) and he even joined in on the occasional additional guitar. Meredith Meyer (singer/writer/guitar), Matt Artbeiter (drums), Mike MacAllister (guitar), and Brian Percivall (bassist) are the artists behind the quartet that produce this fizzy dance pop rock. The first single, “Target Practice” has everything you need for a hot single: driving beat, guitar riffs, and sensual voice purring “Thinking about you/ I know you’ve been thinking about me too.” “Far Enough” is the perfect snapshot of the band’s “stunning ambient ’90s-esque rock” that we encouraged you to seek out a few weeks ago. Meredith had a solo gig before she came together with the boys and it shows in her amazing vocals throughout the album. Especially on the last track, “Evening Stars,” where that ethereal voice is the focal point as she trills longingly and holds perfect notes for just the right emotive effect. We are considering this a great appetizer, and eagerly wait for the main dish of an album to be delivered to us.

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